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Introducing the Bloom Box

We made the best organic CO2 generator in the universe to give plants the happy life they deserve.

Let's Grow

An Organic Generator

The mushroom spores in the Bloom Box are voracious eaters surrounded by food. They break down organic matter in the substrate they live in, producing excess CO2 in the process. Hanging the Bloom Box above the plants in your garden allows the CO2 to trickle down over your plants, because CO2 is heavier than the air around it.

Plants Made Happy

When plants first evolved, Earth’s atmosphere was rich in CO2. Plants practiced a lot, and got really good at splitting CO2 into it’s two main parts: carbon and oxygen. Unfortunately, they got a little too good at it, eventually reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere to a mere fraction of what it once was. Since plants need the energy stored in the carbon, they're always craving extra CO2. This makes the plants sad. Don't make your plants sad.

Produces Mushrooms

6 Month Supply

Recyclable & Compostable